Experiential Travel: Rediscover Southeast Asia

From sacred shores in Indonesia to gleaming temples in Thailand, Southeast Asia has had an exotic allure for travellers seeking new adventures for as long as we can remember. But, thanks in part to the rise of social media (and the seemingly endless hordes of gen xers and millennials flocking to insta-worthy spots trying to take the perfect insta-picture) a new generation of traveller is evolving. Continue reading “Experiential Travel: Rediscover Southeast Asia”

Get off the beaten track in Thailand

Northern Thailand has been bussed, cycled, trekked and moped’ed but has it ever been ‘Tuk Tuk’d’? Release your inner cab driver and take a trip that puts you in charge of Thailand’s most iconic form of transport. Well, apart from an elephant and that wouldn’t be right, would it. We can guarantee numb bums, shaky arms, ringing ears, huge amounts of fun, more than a touch of luxury and a travel story to bore your friends with for years… Continue reading “Get off the beaten track in Thailand”